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Crafind is one of the leading Embedded Systems Design and Training Company, engaged in providing embedded hardware, software and training solutions to corporate, educational institutions and individuals. Our company can successfully take up challenges thrown open by the evolving Embedded Industry.


Broadband High Speed Internet Satellite – up to 30Mbps via NigComSat_1R NigComSat-1R is a quad band hybrid satellite designed ith the peculiarities of the African weather taken
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Embedded Hardware Design Engineer Job Location: Abuja, Nigeria Job Desciption:


  • Design and Develop Embedded Hardware of 8/16/32/ARM based micro-controller.
  • Having knowledge of basic micro-controller peripheral like UART, SPI, I2C, USB, Timer.

Learning is not compulsory

We at Crafind understand that though individuals have a great urge to learn Embedded Technology, there are unique challenges to make it possible, which is primarily attributed to  their availability of time.