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Broadband High Speed Internet Satellite – up to 30Mbps

The Satellite  is a quad band hybrid one, designed ith the peculiarities of the African weather taken into consideration. I t has on board 28 active transponders with footprints over Western, Eastern, Central and ssome parts of southern Africa consisting of Ku-band, Ka-band, C-band and L-band, all designed to provide quality service. Our satellite provides high speed broadband internet connectivity at competitive prices.

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Broadband High Speed Internet Satellite:

1.2 m RX/TX KU-band, linear, X-POL, Andrew,class1 (1.8m and 2.4m in optional)
BUC Ku Band, 3W Linear
LNB, Ku 12.25 – 122.75GHz, +/- 113kHz, PLL
iDirect X3 MODEM
Public and private IP addresses
SOHO/SME application
ISP’s, Carrier, Operators, industry, NGO’s, Oil & Gas, bank, agriculture,Embassies, Schools,…
Services in option : VoIP, Intranet, VPN, Closed User Group…
Shared  and dedicated access available up to 30 Mbps

Telecommunications Netwwork Infrastructure deployment and alliance with other network operators:

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