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- Learning is not compulsory, neither is survival -

We at Crafind understand that though individuals have a great urge to learn Embedded Technology, there are unique challenges to make it possible, which is primarily attributed to their availability of time. Additionally, those who come to us at times have varied intentions to do so. Therefore keeping the productivity and career objectives in mind, we have shaped our entire curriculum into various formats ranging from a full time embedded course which is the most sought out course by freshers to the modular and video learning course which is ideally suitable for working professionals. Please find below the course formats which best suits your requirements

Advanced Embedded Systems Design

AESD is a 6 months Full time embedded course with On-Job-Training which is primarily designed for students who have basic knowledge of electronics and computer science and wish to integrate the two and make a career in the thus newly emerged field called Embedded Systems. The embedded course covers in detail various concepts of embedded system such as 8-bit and 32-bit Micro-controller Architecture and Programming, Operating System Fundamentals, Real Time Operating Systems, hardware and software design architecture, system control design and relevant concepts.It is an industry oriented course and therefore is coupled with Live Project from Crafind or its partner companies.

The embedded course is specifically designed for Electronics and Computers Science graduates. For Electronics graduates, the course gives enough exposure to C Programming and Operating Systems Fundamentals as it is a building block to Embedded Systems. For Computer Science graduates, we cover hardware details in-depth and thus we ensure that students from both streams of Engineering make a smooth entry into the arena of Embedded Systems.

Unique Learning Through Live Interactive Classroom + Video Sessions

Video Learning is an integral part of the AESD embedded course. Students get a complete DVD set of the entire Embedded Curriculum at the time of joining for the period of the embedded course. Students can revisit their curriculum as and when they want it through our video learning sessions. These are video recorded sessions of industry experts shot in a studio environment and are mixed with animations for easy learning. These video recorded sessions empower our students to make the classroom sessions more interactive as they are able to ask all the right questions and their enthusiasm is equally reciprocated by the highly experienced faculties

Live Project

At Crafind students get a glimpse into the actual working environment within the industry during their exposure to live projects. The live project helps them understand their role as an embedded professional thoroughly and set their expectations right regarding their career profile. During the live project, they closely work with professionals while working with Crafind engineering team or among its partner companies engineering team. In any case, the student stands to gain in terms of exposure to new technology and also gets to know how various processes within an industry work to develop a project.

Syllabus at a Glance

Modular Course Details

  • C Programming
  • Digital and Analog Electronics Fundamentals
  • 8 Bit Micro-Controller Architecture and Programming
  • 32 Bit ARM Architecture and Programming
  • Embedded C
  • Operating Systems Fundamentals (using Linux)
  • RTOS Fundamentals & Programming (using uCos)
  • Embedded Software Development Lifecycle

Lab Sessions for this course

  • Writing C Programs for Embedded Systems
  • OS Assignments on Linux Platform
  • Microcontroller programming on Freescale HC08 microcontroller boards
  • ARM programming on NXP (Philips) ARM7 TDMI Boards
  • Writing RTOS applications on ARM7 TDMI boards

Key features of the AESD course

  • Learning from industry experts
  • On Job Training through Live Project with Crafind or its partner companies
  • Revisit Curriculum through Video Learning Sessions
  • Embedded Hardware and Software for Personal Usage
  • Enviable Infrastructure
  • Library with 500 + books