We are a service-oriented innovation-driven company dedicated to providing the most cost-effective and reliable hi-tec solutions for vertical industries ranging from Banking, Security, Gaming, Hospitality, Insurance, Telecommunications, Government, Power grid to retailing, self-service vending, ticketing and refilling points.

RFID product development

Crafind has developed a number of Active and Passive RFID solutions working across the frequency range of 125KHz – 2.4GHz.

The market is yet to formalise the frequency of operation for RFID tags, often inventory is tagged with devices that operate at one frequency, however as they move thought the supply chain, they are expected to operate at another.

Antenna Development

Multi band operation

Highly matched antennas

Minature antennas

Embedded Antennas for products requiring close proximity reading


13.56MHz passive & active tags

UHF tags

125KHz passive tags


Frequency Agile Readers

Miniature embedded readers