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The Training Courses

The competitive pressure-cooker environment in embedded device development industries nowadays does not allow a software development team to take weeks or months off from work to update their technical skills and knowledge.  At the same time, universities are not producing new software developers with the specialized techniques and education that are needed in our industry.  As a result, many 21st Century embedded devices are still being developed by engineering teams with only 20th Century skills.

The solution: Short 2- or 3- day courses that can be delivered at your company site, at appropriate points in the professional development of your embedded software and systems engineering teams.

For your new-hires straight out of university or technology institute, our course “Introduction to Embedded Systems and Software” fills in the information gaps about embedded work in industry that are often not taught at school. For your engineers who are beginning to work with real-time operating systems, or with a specific real-time operating system, our course “Introduction to Real-Time Operating Systems” brings them up to speed in a matter of days.  On projects where software security is a concern, the course “Software Security Fundamentals  for Embedded” provides a comprehensive foundation for eliminating software vulnerabilities.

Engineers deep into a development project, or those involved in embedded software maintenance, will appreciate the tips and techniques provided in our “Embedded Software Testing and Debugging” Masterclass.  While engineers who have several years of embedded experience behind them, and are looking to climb to the next rung on their professional ladder, will delight in the new perspectives they’ll see in the professional advancement course “Architectural Design of Real-Time Software”.  For experienced software engineers wishing to focus on multi-core software, the course “Multi-Core Software Architectural Design” will bring them into this new realm of highly concurrent embedded systems

Further specialized advanced courses are available for technical departments and project teams with the need for specifically focused technical expertise, for immediate problem-solving or for staying at the leading edge of new technology. Courses for them cover specialized areas such as: embedded device driver design, high availability systems, safety-critical systems, distributed systems and multi-core multiprocessing.



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